Airport Utility 6.1 Supports IPv6 Configuration

The recent 6.1 update to Airport Utility now lets you edit the IPv6 configuration of your various Apple Airport devices.  The new 1.1 version for IOS also supports editing IPv6.

In the Tunnel section there is a new field called ‘IPv6 Delegated Prefix’.

If you are using Hurricane Electric’s Tunnelbroker for IPv6 – you can enter your ‘Routed /64’ address there in its entirety.

Not exactly sure what functionality this adds to the Airport device however.  Everything on the home network functions as it did before.

[Update 3.13.2013] – Apple has posted a support page with official instructions on how to configure Manual IPv6 Tunnels in Airport Utility.


3 thoughts on “Airport Utility 6.1 Supports IPv6 Configuration

  1. Re-reading this, older versions of Airport Utility allowed IPv6 configuration, or is this a reference to 6.0? I actually prefer 5.6 or 5.6.1 (which you need if you have an Airport Express, as I do).

  2. The latest firmware obscures those settings, though. So my Hurricane Electric tunnel collapsed until I dropped back to 7.6.1 (from 7.6.3). Comcast’s native ipv6 support seemed to work but after talking to the folks at HE, I downgraded and went back to the tunnel config. Not that your IPv6 detector is taking note of that…

    Your IPv6 address on the public Internet appears to be 2001:470:b:839:e024:c335:d68e:565d

    Until I saw your Mercer Mess post, I had no idea you lived in Seattle as well.

    1. @paul – I wouldn’t say that 7.6.3 obscures the IPv6 tunnel settings – they are in the same place as 7.6.1 in the 6.x Airport Utility – but 7.6.3 has been breaking tunnels that never had the delegated prefix setting filled in.

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