Letter to Apple about movie availability

I sent this to Apple today to let them know of yet another lost revenue opportunity. Not expecting a response – but they really need get out of ‘hobby’ mode and improve this.

I thought it would be great to watch Pinocchio with my son as he’s never seen it. It was released this past Tuesday (3.12.09). I go to iTMS and lo and behold, its not there. This despite saying last year that Disney was the first studio to support the ‘Same as DVD release date’ availability in the iTMS.

So really, why isn’t it there? And this isn’t the first time. You really need to improve this. I can buy it from any number of retail stores right now (CostCo, Best Buy, Blockbuster – I can order it from Amazon) all of whom are your competitors. Which one should I buy it from to sting the most and prompt some changes?

This is another lost sale for Apple. Apple really needs to improve this. Tuesday mornings should have all the same new DVD releases as Best Buy, Amazon, etc. if you want this business.

At the very least say when it will be available on iTMS. I know Apple loves to keep secrets – but c’mon, it’s already out there and it’s Disney, your second best studio buddy after Pixar.

Confused and bewildered,
Garth Gillespie