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Seattle’s Mercer Mess – and How to Fix It

Those that live in Seattle know that Mercer street has sucked for 40 years.

Over the past couple years, there has been an extensive effort to make Mercer better – and the street and surroundings have improved markedly … but …

Rush hour traffic, especially east-bound evening traffic, continues to suck and is actually considerably worse than ever.  This is not entirely the fault of the new design of Mercer.  This one lies entirely on humans, the traffic control officers employed by Amazon around the side streets of Mercer.

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Marking Time – A Novel by April White

Marking Time Book Cover

My dear friend April White has just released her self-published young adult novel Marking Time, the first book in her Immortal Descendants series.

Marking Time is available for Kindle for just $2.99.

If you like epic quests of time traveling immortals with a smattering of the paranormal and ancient family lines this will be a great book for you. April needs reviews on Amazon for this initial publishing phase so please download, read and review!

Airport Utility 6.1 Supports IPv6 Configuration

The recent 6.1 update to Airport Utility now lets you edit the IPv6 configuration of your various Apple Airport devices.  The new 1.1 version for IOS also supports editing IPv6.

In the Tunnel section there is a new field called ‘IPv6 Delegated Prefix’.

If you are using Hurricane Electric’s Tunnelbroker for IPv6 – you can enter your ‘Routed /64’ address there in its entirety.

Not exactly sure what functionality this adds to the Airport device however.  Everything on the home network functions as it did before.

[Update 3.13.2013] – Apple has posted a support page with official instructions on how to configure Manual IPv6 Tunnels in Airport Utility.


iTunes Error -50 preventing sync

Just had this error today with an iPhone 4 and the apple support document is not very useful.

From Googling, it seemed that many people used to blame this on corrupt photos in iPhoto – but tracking those down can be painful.

In my case I think it was a partial sync that happened when I drove away from the house in my car. I plugged in my iPhone in the car while in the garage, and it connected to my WiFi and started to sync – I was late so I drove away as it was trying to sync and then gave up. I think this made the iPhone very happy.

I was prepared to go down the route of doing a complete restore but I decided to try the semi-obvious first.

I rebooted the computer running iTunes, I shut down all the running apps on the iPhone and then rebooted the iPhone – and then it did a backup and then did a sync.

All is well. Hope this helps someone.

S/Mime and iOS5 and Google Apps/Exchange – no worky

I’ve been trying to get my s/mime email signing certificate to work under ios5 and i think i’ve found a bug.

If you are trying to send a signed email from your iOS5 device and instead your recipients are receiving an attachment called smime.p7s it is likely that you are using gmail or google apps and are also using the exchange connector in iOS.

My guess is that Google didn’t setup a PKI infrastructure properly and when iOS tries to go a fetch a certificate from the non-existent exchange server the process fails and then an attachment is created.

If you setup your iOS mail account to google via IMAP then smime works as expected.

Filed a bug report with apple – 10302200.

[Update: 7 March 2012 – This is not fixed in iOS 5.1]

[Update: 17 November 2012 – This is not fixed n iOS 6.0.1]