Monthly Archives: October 2009

So why is there a crown in the QFC logo?

Nobody seems to know. I’ve asked three people at the local store. They didn’t know. I sent a note to QFC via their online contact form about a week ago – no response yet. So today I called their customer support number, and the operator didn’t know and now it has been sent to “research”.

Seems like a question for their marketing department – but we’ll see. I had no idea Camden’s simple question would be so hard to answer. Seems like employees should know about their company’s logo and what any symbolism means.

Maybe – ‘Quality is King’ – seems like a good guess – but let’s see if anyone at QFC corporate knows.

QFC Logo

Update: I did actually get ahold of the current marketing director for QFC and while she was not sure of the definitive reason for the crown in the logo, she does have an old advertisement in her office where the slogan for QFC was ‘Royal Service.’